Tiatros Teams with Watson

Tiatros was designed with the expert input of hundreds of clinicians and caretakers, to help them overcome the information silos, logistical barriers, and process complexity unique to the treatment of chronic diseases using powerful collaboration, engagement, and predictive analytics tools to improve patient outcomes. Tiatros moves all of the clinic-to-clinic processes that doctors rely upon to coordinate patient care to a private, secure mobile cloud, where everyone involved has timely, reliable access to all of the information and people they need. This might be a good way to mange programs such as Chronic Care management (CCM).

It works alongside a patient’s care system Electronic Medical Record connecting clinicians, patients, family members, and other non-clinical influencers of a patient’s social determinants of health. At the HIMSS16 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems) conference, Tiatros announced that it has joined the IBM Watson Ecosystem, hoping to leverage Watson to analyze personality insights for more personalized treatment.

“The real measure of how a patient is doing is the story they tell, not the boxes they check; that tells part of the story, not the whole story,” said Kim Norman, MD, psychiatry professor, UCSF. He added, “I feel Watson gives you the tool to really analyze and extract that data, patient by patient and aggregate that data to really understand populations.”

Between the social network-like interface, available video conferencing, and Watson’s natural language processing API, Tiatros hopes to more easily unearth care insights from unstructured data thereby increasing a physician’s ability to positively influence patient’s health outcomes.

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