Meaningful Use Core Objective #10 – Public Health Reporting

If you are using and EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Records)There is an extremely important deadline coming up in February 2016 for Meaningful Use Core Objective #10 – Public Health Reporting.

EVERY provider attesting to MU in 2016 must attest to two (2) Public Health Objectives. The options are:

(1) Immunizations State Reporting;

(2) Syndromic Surveillance Reporting; and

(3) Clinical Data Registry Reporting.

Providers MUST be registered and actively engaged with the registry by FEBRUARY 29th, 2016. If they are not, they will NOT be able to attest to Meaningful Use for the reporting year of 2016.

In 2015, many providers claimed an alternate exclusion from it, and we were able to attest with providers who did not sign up with our plan and did not work with us throughout the year; however, in 2016 we will not be able to accept these types of cases unless the provider has registered with two of the registries described above. Get additional information about
Meaningful Use Core Objective #10 and more at our online usergroup on Thursday, February 11th!

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