Microwize Technology Announces Lytec Cloud

PARAMUS, N.J., August 3, 2015  Microwize Technology – a Healthcare IT firm providing Electronic Medical Records and Medical Billing software and healthcare IT solutions –  located in Paramus, New Jersey announces the release of Lytec Cloud. With no upfront investments, access to a knowledgeable support staff and low flat monthly prices starting at $69 per month (billing and scheduling only) or $99 per month (full suite – billing, scheduling and EMR) per user for a group of  20 users, physician practices can now have the most popular medical billing software in the cloud.

Lytec Cloud by Microwize has features based on Lytec version 2015 which is ICD-10 ready and include: unlimited support, continuous upgrades and updates, backups, online training academy, disaster recovery, industries best practice consultations, user support groups and much more.  With Lytec Cloud by Microwize you will get best of the feature rich software and the flexibility of cloud computing while owning the license. Lytec Cloud is HIPAA compliant, and includes an ICD-10 mapping utility which will make it a wise choice for practices looking to spend less time on administrative tasks.  Convenient and powerful, Lytec Cloud also offers a mobile patient intake form which is another administrative time saver.

President and CEO of Microwize Technology, Robert Gabriel, commented, “Our goal is to help our users overcome healthcare challenges and regulations by providing top-notch products and service, and doing whatever it takes to help physicians stay independent and maintain their individual and small group practices.” Mr. Gabriel is a proud believer in using 100% American labor with no off-shore outsourcing.

About Microwize Technology
Microwize Technology Inc. is a top-rated VAR for Lytec (TM) and Medisoft (TM) medical billing and electronic medical record software which are registered trademarks of McKesson Corporation (NYSE:MCK), currently ranked 11th on the FORTUNE 500. Microwize Technology Inc., has been in business and servicing customers since 1997.  In addition to EMR/EHR software sales and support, they also offer monthly User Groups, one-on-one training, IT services, the ability to host your software, EMR implementation and training, as well as consulting services.  Microwize Technology offers sales and support for nationally known brands Lytec, Medisoft, Greenway PrimeSuite, and more. For more information on Lytec Cloud or any of the other products and services, visit www.microwize.com.

Contact Robert Gabriel, Microwize Technology, 800-955-0321, robertg@microwize.com


Microwize Technology Announces Lytec Cloud — 6 Comments

  1. Chris,Are you asking about it from an EMR vedonr’s perspective or a publisher’s perspective?The ones I’ve seen are SoftwareAdvice and BuyerZone. I work with SoftwareAdvice as a publisher, but ended up not doing BuyerZone since they paid out less to publishers. I’ve thought about just cutting them out and doing the lead gen for EMR vedonrs myself. Just need more hours in the day;-)

  2. I’m a solo practitioner genarel surgeon and have been using an integrated medical records system for the last 10 years. I believe that many physicians do not completely understand why an electronic medical record system is so valuable. They are lost in the fact that it seems cumbersome to enter the patient’s information. I strongly believe that there is no role for drop-down menus when recording a patient’s history. I continue to use a dictated note as has been done for years, but in my case I use voice recognition to directly import my note into my record system. A computer generated note from drop down menus is really not helpful.The fact that a patient must provide each physician’s office with a medical history at each new patient visit is ridiculous during this age of information technology . A patient transferred from one hospital to another arrives with hand written scribble is ridiculous in 2012.I have worked with a small, user friendly company for 10 years. The system is adaptable and has continued to improve. As a solo practitioner it has been easy to transition my office staff to the current chartless status.I have sought the opportunity to share my thoughts however no one wants to hear from a solo country surgeon. I will continue with my system and continue to enjoy the benefits.I would leave this final note: If a doctor believes that an EMR is there to make things quicker and more economical than he will struggle with the transition. If the doctor realizes that the EMR will make the records transferrable and accessable that adoption will be more smooth.

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