ICD-10 Success is Just 5 Steps Away

With the deadline ever approaching, medical offices across the US are getting ready for ICD-10 implementation.  As in all things, proper prior planning is essential, and in this home stretch, offices should be reviewing the 5 steps that help ensure success.

  1. Planning and organization are key. A point person needs to review new regulations and manage the transition. This is a project like any other, and the person chosen should be well-organized and able to manage multi-faceted projects.  This person should also be a good communicator.
  2. Once your point person is chosen, it’s time to evaluate your systems, vendors, payers and trading partners to ascertain their readiness. Work with these people to schedule necessary upgrades, and work on any necessary integration. If your EMR is not ICD-10 compliant, then call Microwize Technology and learn how quickly you could be using one of several award-winning EMRs – there is one sized just right for your practice.
  3. After evaluating employee skill sets, it is time for training. Precyse University has excellent training bundles available. ICD-9 to ICD-10 Mapping tools are also available. And there are ICD-10 apps to help you – view app information here.
  4. Testing, Testing, 1-2-3 Testing. Test and retest.  This will allow you to identify the ICD-10 you will most often be using, test claims with payers, and develop contingency plans.
  5. Implementation will go much easier when all the above has been accomplished – be sure to monitor as you go along analyzing claim denials and monitoring coding and billing. More training will likely be needed, so document your successes and failures to that round 2 training is appropriate.

This transition will impact your documentation, billing systems, coding systems, information technology, and more.  Microwize Technology offers several EMRs that are ICD-10 compliant including Medisoft, Lytec and Greenway PrimeSuite.  Call today for more information 800-955-0321.


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