Impacts of Telemedicine & Telehealth on Healthcare


Over 40 years old, telemedicine is a technological approach through which a healthcare provider can divulge health information from one location to their patients in another location. Using electronic-based communication, telemedicine implements multiple applications and services through two-video, email, smartphones, … Continue reading

Physicians Voted Trump…..why?

  This physician voted for Donald Trump. Here’s why. A physician who voted for Donald Trump gave strong reasons why she did. She hesitated to put her name because of the outcry the election has caused but only indicated that … Continue reading

Advocating EHR adoption and precision medicine advances

EMR EHR adoption

National Health IT Week: Advocating EHR adoption and precision medicine advances When clinicians, researchers, individuals, and families are able to access the tools and resources they need, people can live safer and much healthier lives. During National Health IT Week, … Continue reading